Company profile

Shaanxi Broadcasting Network Media (Group) Co., LTD

Founded in 2001, Shaanxi Broadcasting Network Media Group is the first state-owned large-scale cultural media enterprise to realize the integration of broadcasting network in the province and list on the main board of A shares (stock code 600831).。The controlling shareholder of the company is Shaanxi Radio and Television Financial Media Group (Shaanxi Radio and Television Station), and the actual control is the Publicity Department of Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China。

The company has 11 municipal companies (including 9 prefectural and municipal branches, 2 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries), 3 direct companies, 91 county-level branch companies, and the remaining 24 wholly-owned and holding companies。

The company is based on the original intention of the value of the Party's media and government network, insists on focusing on the main business, innovation-driven, focuses on the new requirements and new deployment of the Party's 20 major Congress, and implements the "four new strategies" of "new network, new media, new platform, and new ecology".。Focus on market and customer needs to accelerate infrastructure innovation and build a strong digital base;Accelerate technological innovation and promote transformation and upgrading;Accelerate application innovation, stimulate the potential of the network;Accelerate cooperation and innovation to create a win-win ecology。It has formed strategic layout and industrial clusters such as "Qinling Cloud" broadband TV, emergency broadcasting, media convergence, "Xueliang Project", smart city, digital village, 5G+ application, and cultural big data。The Xixian Data center with the international "T3+" and the highest A-level national standard was built and put into operation。It has become the main body of the construction and operation of the national Northwest Regional Center of cultural big Data, and the contractor of "one network, one library, and one platform" of cultural big data in Shaanxi Province。Complete the upgrading and transformation of optical networks above the county level in the province, evolve from single media asset services to digital families, and accelerate the service and integration into the new pattern of digital economy and digital society。In the national "smart radio and television" construction has achieved the stage results and successful experience of "Shaanxi exploration"。

当前,Companies are seizing new opportunities in the digital economy,In the network power, digital China, digital economy, media integration, cultural digital development,Give full play to the advantages of "a cloud and a net",Take "one cloud, two networks and three uses" as the path,Implement the phased strategic deployment of "using data to empower wisdom on the cloud",Promote 5G development, future TV, cloud network integration, application innovation, data intelligence, and industry and finance integration,"Strategic planning + solution + delivery capability" is the key,Win the new track of digital economy,Strive to build the company into a "first-class AICT integrated media communication operation digital technology enterprise with outstanding main business, leading technology, excellent mechanism and core competitiveness",Promote the company's high-quality development to achieve new breakthroughs。