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Financial media platform

Shaanxi Financial Media Center follows the six-level system structure of central, provincial, city, county, town and village,Utilizing advanced technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence,Build a unified county-level financial media platform in the province,Through the "central kitchen" of "multi-point collection, one-time processing, unified review and unified distribution", the integration of content production and production is realized.Transmission and distribution are realized through network channels such as broadcast television network and mobile Internet.Through TV, mobile phone, computer, emergency broadcast and so on to achieve multi-terminal communication。Build a six-level content through, controllable, safe and reliable province-level financial media center platform,Achieve news content integration, production integration, release channel integration,To achieve top-down policy promotion, public opinion guidance and bottom-up county culture promotion and model promotion,At the same time, it also takes into account the functions of party and government services, life services, and social governance,We will better guide and serve the people。

The core function of county-level financial media center relies on the Shaanxi broadcasting network "Qinling Cloud" to build a unified financial media big data cloud platform in the province. Under the unified platform of the province, it supports the application, data storage and processing and security management of "central kitchen system", "public opinion analysis system" and "all-media matrix release system"。

Unified platform: "unified planning, unified design, unified implementation, all media release", all kinds of resources unified access, management departments can manage and control

Resource sharing: Docking with mainstream media "National team" such as People's Daily's "National Party Media Information Public Platform" and People's Net People's Video, and cooperating with media organizations at all levels to empower channel sharing and content distribution for county-level financial media centers。

Data interoperability: Connect with provincial, municipal and county government services and life service platforms to achieve data interoperability, provide operational resources for "media + government + service" in each county, continuously improve user stickiness and better serve the masses。

Financial media "central kitchen" : The "central kitchen" is the command center of the county-level financial media center. Through cloud deployment, it can realize the multi-point collection, one-time processing, unified review and unified distribution of the publicity information of the county and district financial media center, and realize the integration of "policy, collection, compilation, distribution and evaluation"。According to the actual situation of economic development, population, urbanization, and media development level of each county, the "central kitchen" function module can be flexibly selected, and the "central kitchen" products suitable for the needs of the county can be created according to local conditions, so as to improve the county's ability to publicize all media, integrated production and communication。

Financial media "public opinion management system" : Financial media public opinion monitoring system through the Internet data collection, mining, analysis and other means,To provide users with public opinion monitoring analysis and public opinion reports,Provide auxiliary analysis of heat trends, Internet users' word of mouth, Internet users' opinions and emotions, and negative hot spot alarms,Provide real-time public opinion monitoring, phased public opinion research and judgment, thematic public opinion analysis, customized public opinion tracking and other functions,Timely push to relevant personnel in a variety of ways。

Financial media multi-terminal presentation system: through graphic, video, voice and other forms,Achieve TV, mobile phones, computers, radio "three screens and one sound" transmission,Open up the county's existing wechat, Weibo, headlines and other release channels,Form an all-media communication matrix,To achieve the traditional media and new media of multiple, multi-terminal presentation,Effectively enhance the communication power and influence of county media。

1. "Love" series mobile APP

Adhere to the "mobile first" principle,In accordance with the layout of "one end of the place", "independent operation" and "unified background",Take advantage of the news content gathered by the platform,Government services, life services and other resources,Differentiated design in content form, service function and interaction mode,Create mobile products that meet local needs for counties,The main functions include news, live broadcast, service, politics, entertainment and so on,Let the people love to see, love to use,Truly become a bridge of communication between the local Party committee government and the people。

2. TV end

Using the resources of 5.85 million TV users of Shaanxi Radio and Television network, based on Qinling Cloud HD interactive TV, it can quickly enter the household, targeted development of "media + government + service" products suitable for the family living room environment, and support the differentiated setting of TV columns and personalized page display。

3. Web page

Combined with actual business needs, customized development of PC portal website display, expand the coverage of county-level financial media publicity。Intelligent emergency broadcast system: Use the acquisition, editing and broadcasting system to produce radio programs, complete the access of early warning information, broadcast radio programs and broadcast information through outdoor loudspeakers and sound columns。

4. Emergency broadcast

Will be loudspeakers and emergency broadcast systems,Incorporated into the county financial media center platform,Through the "county-town-village" three-level broadcasting center,Linkage and unity, fast and efficient,To provide the public with disaster early warning, government information release, policy publicity and other broadcasts,Achieve "emergency,Free time propaganda",Give full play to the advantages of wide coverage, no dead corners, easy to accept, and strong propaganda。
System architecture: The county-level financial media center is built in accordance with five hierarchical relationships, mainly including coverage terminal, bearer network, cloud platform, basic system and application plate。       

(1) Overwriting the terminal

The county-level financial media Center includes a variety of user access devices and methods, including TV set-top boxes, mobile phones, computers, wechat and Weibo, touch screen, outdoor screen and broadcast。

(2) Bearer network

Supports a variety of access and transmission modes, including the Internet, mobile Internet, broadcast NGB networks and the Internet of Things。

(3) Cloud platform

The cloud platform provides virtual computer resources at the IaaS layer, such as cpus, memory, hard disks, and network cards.It also provides the basic resources of the PaaS layer, such as the operating system and middleware。It also provides a secure backup and disaster recovery mechanism for corresponding resources, and flexibly expands the system based on service development。

(4) Basic system

The basic system of the financial media center mainly includes the "central kitchen" of the financial media, the public opinion monitoring system of the financial media and the multi-terminal presentation system of the financial media。

(5) Application plate

It can realize the multifunctional presentation of party affairs, government affairs, and convenience of the people (including government services, social governance, agricultural science and technology lectures, education, health, medical treatment, etc.)。

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