Six services

Six services

1.Quick response - do the same day when the daily daily repair

If the customer handles the business or reports the fault and handles/reports the repair before 12 o 'clock on the same day, the installation/maintenance will be completed on the same day;If you apply for/report for repair after 12 o 'clock on the same day, the installation/maintenance will be completed within 24 hours。(The overall failure caused by external reasons such as municipal construction or force majeure such as natural disasters shall be completed within 24 hours after the relevant influencing factors are eliminated)

2.Full-time acceptance - 96766 hotline to listen to the instant response of wechat public number at any time

96766 Customer service hotline 365 days ×24 hours to provide consultation, acceptance, fault reporting, complaint handling and other services;"Shaanxi Radio and Television Network" wechat public number can directly consult with manual customer service online, convenient and easy。

3.First ask responsible - business hall window one-stop service

The province's broadcasting and television business hall implements "one-stop" business acceptance to provide customers with maximum convenience, the first question is responsible, and the whole service。Customers can directly call the hotline 96766 to complain about the evasion behavior。

4.Understand consumption - clear price transparent consumption standard management

Product tariff, service items clearly marked price,All fees are issued with "Shaanxi Broadcasting Network Media (Group) Co., LTD. Special fee seal" special fee bill,Service commissioning requires user confirmation;Consumption information can be easily queried through the local business hall, 9676 customer service hotline, "Shaanxi Radio and Television Network" wechat public account, TV business hall and other ways,Openness and transparency。

5.Love and help the aged - The Green channel provides barrier-free aging services

The provincial broadcasting and television business Hall has set up special seats for loving service, giving priority to serving elderly customers, and providing various aging facilities and services, so that elderly customers can enjoy the service experience at home。

6.Service with a smile - show respect with a smile and serve sincerely

Mindful service is the brand and heritage of radio and television customer service, with a smile expression, smiling words, smiling voice to convey our customer-centric service concept, express our gratitude and respect for the long-term support of our customers, with a smile, initiative, warm heart, high-quality service, and constantly meet the higher expectations of customers。